(2006. Comedy in 2 acts, verse. Characters: 8 men, 4 women)

Gáspár Blondin from the small village of Nyírábrány, after having been fired from the meat-packing plant,  who becomes estranged from his wife, and also has to tolerate an ‘imbecile mother-in-law’ – in his deepest despair decides to commit suicide. He locks himself in the outhouse located in the back of their lawn and prepares to hang himself. At this point, however, a true dance macabre unfolds around him, orchestrated by a series of local and national utilitarians, all wishing to profit somehow from his suicide. The corrupt mayor of the village, the media, represented by Mirtyll Hajnalka Reszlik, the anchor of the Pál Show, Dr. Buda Juhos, a famed hostage negotiator, but Tiger Niki, the fallen pop diva, also expects Blondin’s death to boost the sales of her new CD, not unlike László B. Bicke, from the poets’ New Narrative Association… The play was admittedly inspired by Nikolai Erdman’s The Suicide.