Andrea Pass szin

Andrea Pass: Vanishing senses (Eltűnő ingerek)


Andrea Pass is an award winning playwright and stage director. Andrea Pass was Born in 1979, she got a degree in Theatre Studies before working for a number of important independent theatre companies (Pintér Béla és Társulata and Viktor Bodó’s Szputnyik, to mention the most important ones) as assistant director and director. She began writing in the early 2000s, then staging her own work. Her breakthrough production was Sunflowers (Napraforgó) in 2016. Andrea Pass's theatre and playwriting is very personal and therefore authentic. She creates playful, vivid and intense texts with brilliant ease. These dramas are rooted in everyday life yet are carefully composed with a maturity that makes them have a direct impact on the spectator. She continues to address important social and personal issues, working with city theatres and independent companies alike. She is one of the founding members of Narratíva, a theatre collective created by four stage directors of note (Máté Hegymegi, D. Dániel Kovács, Andrea Pass and Zita Szenteczki).

Vanishing Senses (Eltűnő ingerek) was awarded the Prize for Best Drama of the 2018/2019 Season.  


Vanishing Senses

3 m, 3 f (with 2m, 1 f playing multiple roles)

Vanishing Senses takes us through a particularly cruel process in the depths of incurable disease. It avoids all the pitfalls, clichés and sentimentality - but not the emotion - that this subject has to offer. It simply tells the story of a situation in life: a process, in which the fate of two people, father and daughter, meet. It shows us the agony and the peace of repose.

Endre (in his 40s) is a newspaper editor, living in a happy marriage, whose job is put in jeopardy by the appointment of one of his former students as Chief Editor. But he is more concerned about his teenage daughter, Nóri. She is 15. A rebel teenager, reading Crime and Punishment, smoking joints and drinking with her friends.
Endre has trouble letting her go her own way. He is suffering from headaches and has strange visions. Then, during a car ride, he suffers a brain haemorrhage and is paralyzed on his right side and loses his faculty to speak. He miraculously survives and seems to recover slowly, fighting aphasia and loss of movement. Father and daughter try to connect in his recovery, but things deteriorate quickly. The headaches and moodswings come back, while Nóri suffers another blow: she gets dumped by her rapper boyfriend, because she’s not ready to have sex yet. Endre continues having foreboding visions. Then a control CT shows the real reason for all this: a butterfly tumour that leaves him another week to live. Anna, Endre’s wife and Nóri struggle with the news. Endre’s perception is more and more controlled by The Strange Figure who has started to accompany him at the start of the play, and is now taking him on his last journey. They prepare for it as we see the parallel reality of the family – with father and daughter reconciled – in the hospital room, waiting for the inevitable.