IT’S NOT THE TIME OF MY LIFE by Szabolcs Hajdu


2016, Drama

Caracters:  2 man, 2 woman, 2 children (1 boy, 1 girl) - adults played the children in the premiere

Ernella, Albert and their 10-year-old daughter, Laura suddenly show up at night at the Farkas’. They’re moving back to Hungary after having lived abroad for a year, and now they need to spend the night here, at Ernella's sister’s place, since their car broke down , and on top of that their phone battery is also down. They urgently need the help of Ernella’s sister, Eszter, and her husband, Farkas.

Ernella and Eszter haven’t seen each other for a while. her family moved to Scotland in hope of a life, however, they didn’t find what they were looking for. They worked in a farm that was freezing cold, windy and full of mice. Not to mention the 24-year-old farm owner, who had a wild, romantic relationship with Ernella. Therefore, they returned to Hungary even though Albert was previously certain that he would not set foot in the country again in ten years.

Eszter, Farkas and their 5-year-old son, Bruno are rather wealthy, but the parents have constant fights about how to raise their child. Ernella’s family, however, struggles with serious financial problems. The two families have never been in harmony with each other. Ernella always had the feeling she was not the favorite of their father, either.

Although Ernella and Albert find it really awkward, they need to borrow some money from Eszter, being totally broken, and they wait for the right moment. However, Eszter finds out that the money that she holds in the kitchen cabinet, is gone. 

No one else could have taken it but Ernella and Arnold. They deny it, but soon it turns out that their daughter, Laura took the money in the hope of helping her parents.

In a fight Farkas hurts the feelings of Bruno in a fight who disappears from the flat. Farkas runs around desperately, even goes down to the street to find his son. After some nerve-racking moments Bruno appears and talks about his inner self and his fragility.

Farkas feels ashamed for being such an intolerant father and soon everyone feels the urge to find peace with one another.  When the father of Eszter and Ernella is invited over for dinner, they all unite in momentary peace and love.

Screenwriter, actor, film and theatre director Szabolcs Hajdu graduated from the University of Theatre and Film Arts Budapest in 2000 as film director. His 2006 film White Palms premiered at the Festival de Cannes – Quinzaine de Réalisateurs. Bibliotheque Pascal (2010) premiered at the Berlinale and went on to win numerous awards all over the world. Both White Palms and Bibliotheque Pascal were selected as the Hungarian entry for the Academy Awards (in 2010 and 2011 respectively). Szabolcs Hajdu's latest work, It's Not the Time Of My Life (2016) was premiered at Karlovy Vary International Film Festival, and won the Crystal Globe Award for Best Film and Best Actor (Szabolcs Hajdu). His latest film, Treasure City came out in 2020. It’ Not the Time of My Life is part of a play trilogy, with two other pieces by Hajdu, Kálmán Day and One Percent Aboriginal.