Attila Lőrinczy was born 1959 is a playwright, dramaturge and artistic translator. In the past 22 years, eleven of his plays have received premieres at various Hungarian theatres. He served as head dramaturge at the Vígszínház (Comedy Theatre) and the Operetta Theatre of Budapest. Currently, he is the literary advisor for the National Theatre in Miskolc (Eastern Hungary). As a literary translator, his work has appeared in Hungarian publications of Thomas Bernhard and Elfriede Jelinek




Inherited traumas, frustrations and the desire for freedom stack up over generations. Silences alternate with outbursts of fury, abusers vary with victims – back and forth. Apparently stable young people, living in relatively good circumstances, reach the point – as a matter of fact, in the style of a fateful Ancient Greek tragedy – of committing the most heinous of crimes: matricide.  Trough the confessions of Stuci, a 16-year-old girl in secondary school; Zsomer, her 19-year-old male friend; and the girl’s mother Erika, a 54-year-old librarian – the circumstances and motives of this family tragedy emerge...