Tibor Zalán szin

Tibor Zalán (1954)

Tibor Zalán is first and foremost a poet, but has an extensive dramatic oeuvre as well. He has written a lot for young audiences, having worked as dramaturg for Kolibri Youth and Children’s Theatre. He has taught literature to children of all ages for decades before embarking on a full-time writer’s career. He then became editor for a number of literary magazines. He is a well established writer in different genres with many a volume to his name.

Fearsome Greek Warrior(an antique tale) is a play for children, recounting the story of Theseus from his birth to the slaying of the Minotaur. Theseus is depicted with humour, a conceited man of many talents. The narration is done by the different characters as we proceed – they talk about what is happening, then assume their roles in the story. We see the events unfold as Theseus defies death meeting first Peripethes then Sinis, Skiron and Procrustes before setting eyes on Ariadne and receiving the thread, that helps him return from the labyrinth after tickling the Minotaur to death. 

The storytelling is light and full of humour, using the rhythm of verse and song to alleviate the sombre moments of the story, while relaying the message: a hero can become a hero also using his brains, there is no real need for a sword.