Závada, Pál: Egy piaci nap szin

Závada, Pál: Egy piaci nap/Market Day

Irén and Mária, two former friends, are separated by history. The latter's husband, a teacher from Kunvadas, is accused of the 1946 pogrom. Meanwhile, the former's husband is the secretary of the local Communist Party. From diary excerpts and letters written by the two of them, a hellish landscape is conjured before our eyes. On the morning of May 23, 1946, tensions in Kunvadas grow to such an extent that the starving masses attack the market vendors, cursing them for price gouging and haggling.

Haunted by the oratorical songs of the choir, which personifies the environment, the wives' moving  reconciliation is almost accomplished when their husbands are released from prison...

18 men (min. 9 men), 9 women (min. 6 women)